Thursday, March 17, 2011

Food 4 Thought

I was reading for one of my classes the other day, and in one component of the text the author mentions, "People always want what they don't have. People should want what they do have" right now and they would be happier. This resinated with me all day. Sometimes we forget that there are great things right in front of our face. We forget about the present. We get lost in the past and caught up in the future. I think the media, and society in general, makes us constantly feeling we 'need' more,... we 'need' something else, etc. Advertisements, magazines, and what not are always telling us that if we don't look or act a certain way or have a certain thing, we are inadequate (untill we look/have this certain thing/way). Even when we attain the product, idea, or whatever being promoted is happiness reached?

If we aren't the norm or have what the norm has we are inadequate, in terms of the media.

I think that shit is garbage.

Ideologies of beauty are bullshit. Ideologies of perfection are bullshit.
Ideologies are all contrived.

Everything is socially constructed.

Stop feeling bad about what you don't have. Look at all you do have. I bet you have some pretty awesome things.

(It is hard for me to put in words clearly what I am trying to say--- hopefully its understandable...)

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