Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jan Svankmajer's Faust

Last year, a girl in my art class told me that I would love Jan Svankmajer's Faust. So, I went to Vidiots and rented it. However, I totally forgot to watch it and never returned it. 5 months later... I get a bill for $250 from Vidiots (Dnfjdskdfbs!!!) I went in there and was super nice, I offered them cookies- but still, no dice. I had to pay the $250. So now I own Jan Svankmajer's Faust and JUST NOW finally watched it (I was too angry before about spending $250 on it...)

THIS MOVIE IS TRIPPY! WOW. DEF not worth $250-- but its a visual delight if you are perhaps on mind altering substances.
Beware- it is not a scary movie but may seem scary if you are indeed on something...

Heres a clip:

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