Friday, July 15, 2011

Washed Out - You Will Be Sad

I was intrigued by the top comment on this video:
"this video made me realize its impossible for us to find the meaning of life, truly. there are too many beautiful distractions and interesting unrelated topics to study. if we were to devote our time to finding the truth we'd miss so many things along the way , and not being exposed to certain things- we just wouldn' get it"

Anyways, a pretty video for a pretty song.

You will be sad,... but you will be happy, too.

Update Sept 29, 2013: Wow, what a completely different experience revisiting this song and video two years later... listening to it in LA vs. Berkeley. I remember first discovering it after a long night BART ride in the Bay.. coming home to a sleeping 3-story town house filled with students. It felt more mysterious then. I felt more mysterious then and every new thing was so exciting..

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  1. your blog is wonderful! :D and that'Ss why you got a blog award! ;)