Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amon Tobin @ The Greek

My school has an awesome committee called SUPERB that puts on concerts and films through out the year for students and locals to enjoy. Occasionally they pair up with local venues to do ticket give-aways and I was thrilled to see they were doing one for free Amon Tobin tickets. A few months ago I came across videos and photos of Amon's ISAM set, which is the set he is currently touring with, and I was blown away. The visuals and technology behind it are incredible and like nothing I have seen.

In order to win tickets you just had to upload a picture of yourself doing something 'superb'- and I won! See my winning picture below, which I titled 'Two Dinos and a Dog' and some other fun photos from the night. Can't wait to see Amon Tobin!


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